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Landing pages and Why they matter

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Maintaining a blog takes more than just writing a bunch of blog posts. You should develop a strategy and planning for your content (especially if you are writing with multiple authors). Also, you should interact with your audience and respond to their comments. In this post.

Likewise in a small niche geographic market one can easily win with a generic, because the location acts as a market filter which limits competition. But as markets age and become more proven, capital rushes in, which pushes out most of the generic unbranded players. It wouldn't be hard to rank well creating a blog today about the evolution of the 3D printing industry, or a how to site focused on Arduino or Raspberry Pi devices. Couple a bit of passion with significant effort 8, limited competition and winning is quite easy.

But as markets age and become more proven, capital rushes in, which pushes out most of the generic unbranded players.  

The good news is that there is a tried and true framework for developing a content plan to ensure that your site can attract qualified visitors and will engage those most likely to become customers.

Other retailers have picked up pure-play e-commerce sites

Big brands can sometimes get coverage of "meh" content by virtue of being associated with a big brand, but when they buy out pure-play secondary e-commerce sites those often fail to gain traction and get shuttered. The lack of publishing savvy among most large retailers mean there will be a water cycle of opportunity which keeps re-appearing, however as the web gets more saturated many of these opportunities are going to become increasingly.

By the time you're through with this process, you will have created a content plan designed.

If you invest in zero-sum markets there needs to be some point of differentiation to drive switching. There might be opportunity for a cooking.com or a drugstore.com targeting emerging and frontier markets. Where brands are under-represented online (much like launching Drugstore.com in the US back in 1999).

The company is still trying to fine tune its e-commerce strategy but clearly wants to focus more of its resources on one main site. 


Victor L.Huey

The price point is typically far too high for a passionate hobbyist to buy them and the attempt to turn them into something differentiated. Victor is a very nice guy.


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Derrick - 4 August, 2016

If you are new to SE0 it is hard to appreciate how easy SE0 was say 6 to 8 years ago. Back then sharing SE0 information acted like a meritocracyshare & it worked great you rewarded.

Cameron - 3 August, 2016

Back then sharing SE0 information acted like a meritocracy. If you had something fantastic to share & it worked great you were rewarded. Sure you gave away some of your competitive by sharing it publicly, but you would get links and mentions and recommendations .

Janet - 2 August, 2016

These days most of the best minds in SE0 don't blog often. And some of the authors who frequently publish literally everywhere are a series of ghost writers.


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